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Concept - ‘Concept is the protagonist’

At ATG, we believe that everyone is blessed with the talent of doing things in an extraordinary way. We welcome the ideas/concept, in script, jingles, audios, videos etc., ATG will provide end-to-end production facilities to complete a production of Your Concept.

Things we love doing!

(What do you see in ATG)

ATG Media Limited is a 360 media service provider, in the fields of-

  • Films- Main Stream Cinema, Short Films, Documentaries, Regional Films
  • Online Entertainment Network: More than 50 concepts created and featured under this separate category
  • Musical Events or Concerts of contracted musicians and local talents
  • Movies of other production banners
  • Popular Serials and shows
  • Budding Talents like Poets, Musicians, Local Bands, Singers, Story Tellers, Stand Up Comedians, etc.
  • Audio & Music Video

How do we do it!

(Content Acquisition Strategy)

The concept invited would first be handled by the communication team and then, the creative team will review and select it.

The concept can include ideas for movies, documentaries, performance videos etc.

Unleash ‘Star’ in You

(Virtual Production Incubator)

ATG opens the door for budding talent like poets, Musicians, Local Bands, Singers, Story Telling, Stand Up Comedians etc. to unveil their extraordinary flair. You are free to explore, we will provide end-to-end production of the concept, sponsorship, event etc.

What do we do!

We will

  • Mentor You
  • Support You
  • Guide You
  • Facilitate You
  • Sponsor You

Unleash the ‘Star’ in YOU with ATG!